My name is Henry and I am happy you have joined me here. My intention for this site is to entertain and share my experiences in dealing with addiction. My hope is to make some people laugh and to help make addiction a little more relatable.

There are often funny events that occur when one tries to navigate recovery and mental health systems that are often sadly lacking and disjointed. The stories I am sharing are mostly light and humorous. There are some pretty funny and crazy experiences I’ve had at outpatient and inpatient facilities. They are not all created equal! This is NOT a place where I am going to talk about all the horror stories or the shocking acts committed while at my worst. There are already enough stories out there that cover the dark side of addiction. I have decided to focus on the process of becoming sober. Contrary to what you see on TV or in the movies, sobriety is usually not gained in one dramatic step. It is more often gained through a series of disappointing and painful efforts. That said, I hope you can follow along this journey with me and be entertained in the process!