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The Great Masquerade

Finding Purpose In my efforts to gain sobriety I concluded that if I could figure out what my life’s purpose was, I could stop drinking for good. I was a rudderless ship on the sea of life! As coincidence would have it, at about the same time I had this epiphany one of my councilors […]

Voluntary Mandatory Outpatient Therapy

“Am I the only one here voluntarily?”

She paused, considered my question and said “Yeah. I guess you are.” She paused again, looked up at me with a smile, turned around and walked out of the room.

The Hairdresser, The Psychiatrist, and The Inuit

“Why Henry? I have spent years listening to people’s problems and giving advice. I know people. I can help you.” she pleaded.

“Its not that. It’s…It’s….I’m BALD! How is this going to work? I am bald.”

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